Regarding a partial change in the country of origin of honey

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Tamitu.
We will temporarily change the country of origin of the acacia honey used as the base of Herbal Honey.

[Change details]
Acacia honey from Ukraine → Acacia honey from Hungary

Due to the recent situation in Ukraine,
Due to delays in the arrival of honey raw materials that meet our standards in terms of flavor and quality, etc.

[Target lot]
Herbal Honey 000: BBD23.09.09~
Herbal Honey 618: BBD23.09.18~
Herbal Honey 512: BBD23.09.25~

[About flavor]
It may be slightly different, but
We use Hungarian acacia honey that has been carefully selected to produce delicious Herbal Honey.
The flavor of honey changes depending on the year it is harvested, location, climate, etc.
It is a blessing of nature, with no two being the same.
We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy our Hungarian Acacia Herbal Honey.