About Bonbon Chocolat pre-order sales

[About Bonbon Chocolat pre-order sales]

◆Reservation required/Limited quantity
○Stores Tamitu Omotesando main store, official online shop
Pre-order sales period
1/18 (Thu) 11:00-1/31 (Wed) 23:59
Delivery period 2/8 (Thu) - 2/17 (Sat)
○Each box comes with 1 Shopper M.

[ Notes]
* Please be sure to check before placing your order.

1) Reservation required

There will be no sales after the pre-order sales period.

2) Best before date

It is Sunday, February 18, 2024.

3) When purchasing online
◎Those who wish to purchase together with other products
"Bonbon Chocolat" cannot be bundled with other products.
If you wish to purchase multiple types,
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please place separate orders.
It is possible to purchase multiple bonbon chocolates in one order.

◎Delivery method and date/time specification <br>Delivery is by regular delivery, not cool delivery.
Must be made within the period of 2/8 (Thu) - 2/17 (Sat)
Please specify the desired delivery date and time to receive it.
*If no date and time are specified,
It will be delivered on Thursday, February 8th.
*Date and time specifications before February 8th (Thursday) will not be applied.
In that case, it will be delivered on February 8th (Thursday).

4) When purchasing at a store
Refunded reservations, in-store pickup.

*We do not accept reservations over the phone.
*If you wish to have it delivered, you will be charged a separate shipping fee.

◎Receipt period: 2/8 (Thursday) - 2/17 (Friday)
Please specify the pick-up date when making your reservation.
Please pick it up at Tamitu Omotesando store.
*As a general rule, we cannot change the pick-up date.
If you are unable to come to our store due to unavoidable circumstances,
At least 2 days before the desired pick-up date.
Please call Tamitu Omotesando store.
(TEL: 050-3553-1912)

*Some ribbon specifications may change.

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